The Experience

Wait, did you say "locked in the room"?
Yes, the door is locked behind you when you enter. The key to the door is in the room with you and you must find it to win.

That sounds like the beginning of a horror movie…
As entertaining as the Saw franchise may be to some, that's not what we're about at Grand Haven Room Escape. Here's some information to dispel some common misconceptions about our game: 

  • The room remains fully illuminated throughout the game.
  • You always have the ability to exit the room at any time by pressing the unlock button next to the door and walking out the door. 
  • Our game is a puzzle for your entertainment, amusement and sense of accomplishment; we will not frighten you or cause discomfort.

No, really, is this scary? 
There is nothing in the room intended to frighten or alarm. The point of the game is to offer the mental challenge of finding clues and solving puzzles to escape. 

I get a bit claustrophobic sometimes. Would I be okay? 
Well, we can’t decide for you, but here’s some information that may be helpful: The Barber Shop and The Autopsy is approximately 300 square feet and you may be in with as many as eight people. The Mission is around 225 square feet and you may be in with as many as six people. As stated above, you can get out of your own volition if you need to do so.

Can I do this while I'm intoxicated?
No, please do not arrive inebriated for your game; you will not be allowed to participate and will not be entitled to a refund. Save that for the post-game celebration. This policy is not to be a buzz-kill, only to keep everyone in the room safe and create an environment in which everyone can have fun solving the room.

Is there a minimum age?
Not if both the minor and his or her parent/guardian have tickets; otherwise, all participants must be 18 or older.
A note about bringing kids to our game: while they are welcome under your supervision, please consider your child's temperament and the experience of others participating with you when booking.


How far in advance do I need to book?
You can book as early as 30 days before your game or as late as 2 hours before you'd like to play, we do not accept walk-ins. 

How should I dress? Is there a dress code?
We don't have a dress code outside of asking you to dress appropriately to be in public; feel free to dress casually. While this is not a physical exercise, we want you to be comfortable: a comfortable shirt and jeans works well.

Do I need to bring anything to the game? 
No, just bring yourself and anything you’d normally carry with you: cell phones, purses, and coats are all generally allowed. Weapons, however, are not allowed; please leave behind any guns, knives, and any potentially dangerous items.

How long does this take? 
About an hour and 20 minutes. You’ll be given 60 minutes to escape, but please arrive 10 minutes early so that you can be briefed on rules. Afterward, please plan for another 10 minutes to answer any questions.

What if I’m running late? 
Because we have a tightly packed schedule, games will start promptly at their scheduled time; late arrivals will have less than 60 minutes to complete the room. No refunds will be made after purchase.

Groups and Ticketing

How much are tickets?
Tickets are $20 each for The Barber Shop and The Mission. The booking page will update to reflect the total cost of the group when you select the number of participants in the section labeled "1. Options."

I want to request a special time for my group. 
Please select from the available sessions on the booking page. Don't see a time available that suits your group? Contact Us and let us know what date and time you'd like to play, and number of participants you expect to have in your group! Due to the extra coordination and staffing provisions required, please make note of the special payment policy (below) applicable to Private Events.

Payment Policy regarding Private Events: You will be required to purchase the entire room (all eight tickets) even if you do not intend to fill them. If there are unfilled positions when completing the booking, you may put "None" or similar in for the name(s).

Are group rates or discounts available? 
There are no group rates or promotional discounts for filling the room. The prices are listed on the booking page.

How many people does it take to solve the room? 
Eight tickets are available for The Barber Shop and The Autopsy (The Mission is a smaller room and limited to six), but the room can be solved by as few as two clever people. Buy as many tickets as you need and we’ll group you with other people to try to escape the room. While teamwork among different groups is not required, you’re more likely to succeed if you work together.

The session I want to book is full already. Can you add me to a wait list?
We do not maintain a wait or stand-by list.

I want my group to be the only people solving the room. Can we do that? 
Sure, find a date and time with all of the tickets available (see above) and buy all of the tickets for that session. You need not use all of them, but you must purchase all available tickets to ensure that no other group purchases tickets to that session. When booking tickets you won't be using, simply enter the first and last name as "None" or similar.

I want to put more people in the room than your listed capacity. Pretty please?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate more people than the available number of tickets for safety, comfort and everyone's enjoyment of the game. Our recommendation in this situation is to book two rooms that start near the same time (as little as 30 minutes). The game schedule is pretty tight and generally fills up so there is typically not much flexibility to move games around.

Can I get a refund of my purchase or move my time to another slot?
Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase; please double-check your quantity, date, and time selections before completing the purchase on the website. Further, we cannot transfer a purchase to another room, time, date, or person. Purchases are final for the quantity, date, time, room, and participants selected.

What happens if there's bad weather?
In the event of our inability to offer a session you've booked for any reason (such as loss of power), we will make every effort to contact you as soon as we know and your purchase will be refunded or an equivalent value of credit will be issued at our option.

Can we bring alcohol?
Remember, this is a mental exercise! We're sorry, no alcoholic beverages allowed. (Even if you think you're that good...)


Are you affiliated with room-escape games in other cities? 
No, we are not. We are just enthusiastic locals bringing our version of this game to the city we've called home for our entire lives.

Do you offer any discounts?
Like us on Facebook and join our mailing list for any promotions and discount offers.

I have a question you didn't answer, how can I contact you?
The best way to reach us is via email.