New Room

New Room


The Bait Shop - Medium Difficulty

You stopped in the Grand Haven Bait Shop to get some supplies but you immediately know something fishy is going on when the door locks behind you. Is Mountain Man trying to get you to take the bait, or is Sheriff Bullard the one that is reeling you in? Banjo Boy is a shady character, maybe he is the one behind this baited plot to lure you into the net. And whatever happened to Toothless Bob?

Is it just another exaggerated fish story, or is it true that his Charter Boat went on an endless fishing trip? It is hard to know the truth when the water is so murky. You can fish for clues all you want, but you need to find a way to get off this boat in a hurry or the hook will be set and you will become the Catch of the Day!



The Autopsy - Medium to Hard Difficulty

In the Autopsy you are doing more than just escaping the room; you are also trying to solve a possible murder mystery.

Headquarters has been investigating the disappearance of Donald the Barber. They have determined that he has been missing for 3 weeks and that something is not right in the Autopsy Room, so they have sent you in to solve the case.  Since you will be working undercover it is important that you wear Lab Coats during your investigation. As soon as you enter the room, locate the lab coats, find a size that fits you and put it on.

Headquarters has found that a heavily armed guard has been guarding this office since the disappearance of Donald the Barber, and that this guard leaves for 1 hour at this time of the day. That means that you have one hour to investigate, solve the mystery, and escape before the heavily armed guard returns.

During the investigation you will be connected with headquarters and they will be giving you direction as they gain information.  At times, during the game, headquarters will flash information on your screen that will be helpful in your investigation, but this will only be on the screen for 10-15 seconds because they do not want anyone knowing about the investigation. The exception to this is that you have 3 clues that Headquarters will be able to give you during the together as a team and choose your clues wisely. If you use the clues to early, then you might get stuck on a tough code at the end of the game and you won't be able to get help.  If you take too long using your clue, then you might waste too much time getting nothing solved, and run out of time.

Headquarters has done some work already, and several agents have been working the case and have hidden clues and information in the room that will help you.  Your first contact will be with Egore.

Make sure you keep an eye on the screen for the countdown of your game as well as information and clues from Headquarters.  Now that your are in the Autopsy Room, the rest is up to you. When the door closes the clock starts and your game begins. Use teamwork, organize your clues, and use good communication in order to finish your investigation and escape before the Guard returns. Good Luck!


The Attic.png


What happened to Aunt Bea?

It’s been many years since you have visited your childhood home and you finally get a chance to stop in and look around. Your deranged Uncle Frank has not let anyone go in the attic for over 30 years. Some say Uncle Frank locked Aunt Bea in the attic many years ago. Others say she would go to the attic to get away from Uncle Frank. Either way, your curiosity gets the better of you, so when Uncle Frank leaves to go to the store, you decide to sneak into the attic. What you didn’t count on was that the door locked behind you and you find yourself trapped in the attic.

Who are those strange looking people in the photos? What happened to Uncle Frank’s car collection? Was Aunt Bea really a disco dancer? And most important…….whatever happened to Aunt Bea?

There are many questions that need answered, but Uncle Frank will be back in 1 hour.

Can you escape before he returns?